What Am I Paying For When Hiring an SEO


Many business owners and even webmaster do not entirely understand what SEO search engine marketing is and what their SEO experts are charging them for. This article will help you understand better the online marketing process and bargain better with the Brooklyn marketing company you hire.

The SEO process starts with the extensive market research and company analysis. Your SEO specialist will interview you and request all kinds of company-specific information that includes products and services offered, competition faced, industry peculiarities, and the unique selling proposition of your business. Here is also the moment when you will establish short and long-term online goals for your business.

The SEO company that you hire will then conduct the initial keyword research and selection depending on high search volume and low or medium competition. The keyword list will be then shared with you and you will have to make the final selection of what niche market you would like to capture and consequently what keywords you will be targeting. You can divide the keywords into different tiers depending on how competitive they are and how much time it will take to reach first positions on the SERPs.

There are two separate aspects of the SEO process – on-page and off-page optimization. On-page optimization involves work on the website structure, organization, content. Pricing for on-page optimization typically depends on the complexity of the website and on the number of pages that need to be optimized. On-page optimization usually takes a few weeks to conduct.

This is the time when your SEO search engine marketing expert needs to prepare a detailed action plan and approach for the off-page optimization. Off-page optimization involves submission of articles and press releases, video marketing, blogging, forum posts, directory submissions, links building. The process is long and it increases the website visibility, popularity and authority in the online space.

When creating the plan, your online marketing specialist has to create clear milestones that you can monitor, both in terms of progress and effort.

The off-page SEO packages usually depends on how competitive the keywords for which the firm is optimizing are. Depending on the popularity of the keywords, the competition increases and the effort that is needed for successful search engine marketing campaign grows as well. SEM firms usually price their services per piece – number of articles, number of in-bound links, number of blog posts, etc. This facilitates the tracking of the work done and empowers the client to make regular check-ups on the progress.

The off-page SEO process usually takes from 6 to 12 months and measurable results can be achieved as early as the third month for non-competitive low competition keywords or local search engine optimization.

Overall, every SEM campaign, if executed rightfully, should affect positively your business and sales. You owe yourself to understand well the process and pricing, and, choose wisely the SEO partner company that will work with you for many months to achieve your business goals and new heights.

How Can You Arrive at the Best SEO Pricing for Your Online Marketing Business?

This is a loaded question because there are so many steps involved in a properly executed, revenue generating, SEO campaign to fulfill your online marketing plan. If your desire is to fashion a Internet marketing campaign utilizing SEO 2.0, which includes Social Media Marketing best practice strategies, the operations required to make it all happen correctly will increase.

Each business owner or internet marketer needs to decide on the level of services you can afford to have and those you can’t afford not to have. This requires a systematized action plan that is specific to meet your business’s needs. Every business’s online marketing strategy has different needs, the vendor who provides flexible…. “Build it Yourself/ Coaching” tiered service programs all the way to “Do it For You” programs should be available and will provide the ultimate success for when it comes to implementing your online marketing campaign for your business.

SEO Packages can range from $2,00 to $5000 set up fees with $150 monthly support fees for basic services to… $1000 to $2,000 up front with $2000 monthly fees for advanced services.

Whatever the cost is, it begins with a foundational SEO Campaign using current,internet marketing solutions to assure quality search engine placement by creating keyword specific quality, relevant, content so your message, service or product can be found. After properly fashioning the website and online marketing campaign, your measurement of that campaign will determine how successful and profitable you are and how you have met the needs of your online business goals.

To begin, you must research your market to identify the money keywords and keyword phrases of your competitors along with the competitiveness of the market. Then, once this information is gathered, you will appropriately implement your well written and properly tagged content on your pages and posts on your site.

Today, with all the competition you will need various tools that can spit this information out for you rapidly, say within an hour as opposed to days, or weeks. Not to mention, internet marketing tools that will provide a way to automate staying on top of the competition through providing you live data for analytics.

Then you need to create a content specific funnel for your target market, fulfilling the needs based on your research that will direct the searcher through a conversation that develops a relationship that leads to a conversion.

 Next you will need to develop Link building campaigns, through article submission, blogging, commenting, micro blogging, posting in forums, social platforms, etc. and utilizing various other marketing strategies providing links back to the hub of your content from various high-ranking websites. This will aim at increasing your rankings in the search engines. This helps to establish your brand and enlarge your breadcrumb trail back to your content or create your footprint on the web.

There is a system each business owner must identify with regard to what you are offering and how you will write copy that will lead them through this funnel.

Remember that statistical information is valuable to determine how the internet marketing strategies you have decided upon relate to the performance of the specific conversions you are trying to achieve, whether it is to join a newsletter, comment on a piece of content , engage in a conversation or buy your product or service.

Once you have constructed a duplicate internet marketing system, it can be recreated for each topic, product, service you wish to promote.