What is Rizzle?

Rizzle is home to exclusive bite-sized mini-series from around the world!

We are a 60-second short video app for mini web series, talk shows, interactions, and more. We help creators bring their stories to life through Rizzle Series, and hone their acting and dance skills through free classes on Rizzle Studios. In addition to that, they may host channels, vlog, and create amazing binge-worthy content. With a wide range of amazing features to enhance video creation, Rizzle is every digital creator’s paradise. And thus, unparalleled. We’re all about original content here, and strive to keep it real!

In a world filled with norms of concerns and problems, take some time out and create a character or be someone else. Experience various characters, know different perspectives through acts. At a platform like Rizzle, where original content is the norm, become an actor, director, and scriptwriter in a minute.

You don’t have to be a professional actor. It starts with one video, and the rest is your improvisation.