How to improve your local SEO in 2019


SEO has become the part and parcel of online marketing strategy these days. Right from large scale businesses to local business SEO is considered as an important tool to generate business leads. Local businesses mainly rely on local SEO to impress potential customers.  In order to scale-up your local business, you need to understand the importance of digital channels and consumer behavior. A recent survey points out that 97% of the consumers are using search engines to figure out the local business in their area. Ways of searching using search engines and contents delivered have changed a lot these days and local businesses need updated strategies to stay alive in the contest. Local SEO is considered as the new model of advertising in this modern digital era because it helps you to reach a wide range of audience in your local area. Search engine optimization has emerged as a prominent medium to create online buzz and reach more audience in the market and it is one of the best ways to promote your products and services these days. Here are the few ways on Improving your Local SEO in 2019:

1. Optimize Google my business for better local SEO:

Google My Business Listing

Local competition has been getting a steady rise over the years. If you can’t able to find yourselves in the top of the list then your competitor will make use of this opportunity to develop his business. It is important for any local businesses to claim to Google my business and Bing places for business. These are free platforms where you can optimize your business website in order to get ranked in Google’s local listings.  It helps the user’s to reach your offline business through Google maps and thereby they can visit your website and social media profiles to know more about you and your products. While listing on Google you have to make sure that you are providing relevant information and choosing the right category otherwise you will not get listing for relevant queries.

2. Create local listings:

The proper local listing will provide excellent citation values which bring the positive signal to search engine about the particular business. Apart from Google, there are lots of third party websites which allows the companies to register their business. Remember you need to provide appropriate information. Otherwise, it will solely help you to improve search engine rankings.

3. Improve your website speed:

A recent survey points out that 70% of the peoples left the website if it takes more than 45% seconds to load. So in order to make your users stay on your page, you need to improve your website speed. Google algorithm is ranking the websites which are loading faster so if your website takes time to load and it will send a bad signal to search engines which will affect your rankings.  So in order to improve your website rankings, you can check it in Google page insights and find out the factors which halt your website speed. Normally keeping image size lower will you to improve the website speed.

Website Speed

4. Make a mobile-friendly website:

Mobile phone usage has reached new heights these days and it is clearly reflecting in the increase of mobile searches these days.  Reports predict that mobile searches have been dominating the search engines these days and currently 65% of searches are happening only through mobile. So making your website mobile friendly is one of the best ways to provide a better user experience which will subsequently increase the ranking factor. Google is giving more importance to search engines and the recent algorithm was developed in such a way of ranking mobile-friendly websites higher than ordinary websites.

5. Optimize your website content:

Optimize Website Content

Content is an important thing that you need to focus on while planning for local SEO. Because irrelevant contents won’t work better for search engine rankings and also will give bad user-experience to your customers. So making an informative and relevant content will automatically boost your search engine rankings and it will make the visitors to visit your site again and again. So focus on making your content with relevant keywords which will ideally boost your website rankings.

6. Optimize your social media profiles:

Social media plays a key role in ranking factor. So optimizing your social media pages with relevant contents and images will help your visitors of social media to visit your website which increases the chances of converting them into potential customers in the future. Update on a regular basis and always share the blogs and your website which help you to improve your local search rankings. Making your audience more engaging is another factor and you can go for a live video chat and creating polls will also help you to engage them in the right way.

Doing these things properly will help you to achieve your desired goal of getting better local search engine rankings.

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