15+ High DA and High PA Guest Posting Sites

top guest posting sites list

What is Guest Posting In SEO?

Like other SEO Off Page techniques Guest Posting is one of the powerful technique in SEO. By this technique you can boost up your traffic and site ranking in search results.

Guest Posting or Guest Blogging means to publish your unique content on other’s website or blog. It helps to boost up domain authority and visibility of website in search results. If you want to build relation with other website , then Guest Posting is best way

Why Guest posting in SEO?

As per Google’s latest update, website having goof quality of back-links as compare to their competitor, then there is a chance to get higher ranking. Means link building plays important role in Google Algorithm.

If you want organic traffic to your blog than get started with Guest Posting. By doing this you get quality backlink, and more traffic to your blog

Types of Guest Posting

Two types of Guest Posting are there. First is free and other is paid posting. Its depend on you which type of Guest Posting you use for building quality backlinks for your website/blog.

How to Start Guest Posting?

Before getting started with Guest posting make sure for these;

  • First of all you should find website which is related to our niche for Guest Posting and then find which website accept Guest Posting.
  • If you get website related to your niche then get website visitor and DA if you find appropriate then find that they are accepting Guest Post or not. You should read all the details and check whether it is paid or free posting.
  • If you find website related to your website category then try to send him pitch mail or try to contact them from contact form giving on their site.
  • In your pitch mail or in contact form you should give your proper name, email address, your website url and your reason why you have to post your blog on their website.
  • After submitting pitch mail you should wait for reply. It is not necessary that you will get reply for all the website to whom you have email for uploading guest post to there sites
  • Out of 10 you should get reply from two to three website. After getting reply you should follow there instruction and as per there requirement you should send him your unique post with one link of your website
  • After submitting post they will review your post, if they find your post doesn’t meet with there standards then they will reject your post and send you the reply why they have rejected your post.
  • If your post meet with there standard then they will upload our post in there website and in blog they will put your website link that you have given while submitting your blog

Below are the some website which accept Guest Posting. Find out your niche and build good quality of backlinks for your website

Guest Posting List

1https://mashable.com/submitMonth 2019
2https://elearnmag.acm.org/Month 2019
3http://www.allinoneblog.net/Month 2019
4http://www.guestbloggingsite.net/Month 2019
5http://www.blogtact.com/Month 2019
6http://www.guestbloghub.com/Month 2019
7http://www.blogtact.net/Month 2019
8http://www.guestbloggingsites.com/Month 2019
9https://moz.com/posts/ugc_guidelinesMonth 2019
10https://techcrunch.com/Month 2019
11http://www.blogscube.com/Month 2019
12https://bloggingtips.com/Month 2019
13https://www.bloggingcage.com/Month 2019
14http://www.bloggodown.com/Month 2019
15https://allbloggingtips.com/Month 2019
16https://www.passionbuddy.comMonth 2019
17http://www.blogtalents.com/Month 2019
18https://bloggerspassion.com/Month 2019
19https://millionclues.com/Month 2019
20http://www.blogskart.com/Month 2019
21http://www.dailyblogging.in/Month 2019