100+ Free Directory Submission Sites List in 2019


By submit your website link to free directory sites, helps to build high backlink for site. If you submit your website URL to spammy directory websites then it will effect your website ranking. So I will suggest you to submit your website which contain high quality domain authority

LinkBuilding365 has filter some directory submission website list which have high quality. For building quality backlink this list will helps out out

What is Directory Submission?

Directory Submission is the process in which you have to submit your website URL in directory submission site for getting or building

What are the types of Directory Submission site?

Mainly 3 types of Directory Submission Sites are there. They are listed below:

Free Directory Submission Sites

By its name only you will come to know that if anyone want to add his website URL in such directory will be free of cost. But there is one disadvantage of free submission is that there is two-three week waiting for your website URL to get approve. Overall it is best way to get quality backlink

Paid Directory Submission Sites

If you want easily approval of your website URL then you should go for paid directory submission sites. By this paid submission your listing will get approve in one day or in some hour only. By this you can build good quality backlink fast.

Reciprocal Directory Submission Sites

Reciprocal submission means in this both users and website on which you want to submit URL takes links form each other. If you don’t want to do paid submission and gets approval easily then you can go for reciprocal directory submission. In this you had link of directory website in your website when they validate it you get approval of your URL and get quality backlink

How to Submit a Website to Directory Submission Site?

Below are some easy step that you have to follow while doing directory submission for your website

  • Open any website from the given website list.
  • Select the submission type from the options.
directory submission sites
  • Fill the title, description, website URL and email address.
Directory Submission Form
  • If you have selected reciprocal type then enter your website page URL where you have placed the code.
  • Click on the continue button to finish the link submission.

Directory Submission Sites List 2019

NoWebsiteAlexa Rank
9Websquash.com 180262
10Marketinginternetdirectory.com 186147
11Sitepromotiondirectory.com 200407
12Infotiger.com 209367
13Gainweb.org 236019
14Hotvsnot.com 248650
159sites.net 262041
20Momsdirectory.net 331513
21Addbusiness.net 346422
22Acewebdirectory.com 371283
23Info-listings.com 396340
24Britainbusinessdirectory.com 288014
25Pegasusdirectory.com 300370
26Bedwan.com 304597
27Usgeo.org 319900
28Ukinternetdirectory.net 337815
29W3catalog.com 358767
30thewebdirectory.org 372784
31Mastermoz.com 407607
32Cipinet.com 417359
33Enforum.net 433004
34Linkpedia.net 441409
35Thalesdirectory.com 445184
36Seodirectoryonline.org 459638
37Canadawebdir.com 462897
38Linkroo.com 484933
39Livepopular.com 409737
40Alistdirectory.com 427791
41Generalshoppingdirectory.com 440948
42Freetoprankdirectory.com 445072
43Idahoindex.com 455907
44Jewana.com 460737
45Freedirectorysubmit.com 480178
46Linkroo.com 484933
47Bestseodirectory.net 513752
48Obln.org 516258
49Allstatesusadirectory.com 537660
50caida.eu 539709
51Linkdir4u.com 550049
52Mydannyseo.com 578339
53Canopusdirectory.com 583375
54Shistlbb.com 503594
5510directory.com 515516
56Synergy-directory.com 518071
57Bobresources.com 539019
58Mugro.info 544966
59Zebralinks.com 553019
60Busybits.com 580988
61Link-minded.com 592791
62Ellysdirectory.com 605347
63Fivestarscenter.com 609539
64Triplewdirectory.com 621246
65Addlinkzfree.com 638591
66Directorywebbsites.com 659782
67Amray.com 665556
68Tsection.com 683368
691m1.biz 679236
70Directorystaff.com 662117
71Alabamaindex.com 645334
72Abacusseo.com 637013
73Dondir.com 619606
74Abovealldirectory.com 607232
75Nonar.com 593245
76Fileindex.net 683967
77Generaldirectorylistings.org 691582
78Lemon-directory.com 715098
79Tagshub.com 731509
80Textlinkdirectory.com 738612
8101webdirectory.com 750469
82Callyourcountry.com 758989
83Zexro.info 771981
84Ecctrade.com 686099
85Towebmaster.net 711240
86Hoo.blahoo.net 723269
87Seoseek.net 734970
88Seanwise.com 748384
89Callyourcountry.com 758989
90Morefunz.com 768027
91Reddit-directory.com 785015
92Dir-submitter.info 795961
93Weddo.info 808492
94Yellowlinker.com 821167
95Dn2i.com 861705
96Dir.org.vn 908649
97Xtians.com 916873
98Directoryfever.com 932784
99Balti.biz 788810
100Pr8directory.com 798600
102Bocaiw.net 848351
103Bocaiw.net 867796
104Link1directory.com 910312
105Redlinker.com 921859
106Directory-listingsnow.org 940499
107Directory.edu.vn 963148
108Businessfreedirectory.com 971659
109The-web-directory.co.uk 981274
110Alligatordirectory.com 986019
111Web-directory-site.com 1003926
112Topsiteswebdirectory.com 1023954
116Pakadtrader.com 975976
119 Athenelinks.com 1004725